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Why does SPEAK exist?

There are more than 54 million Americans with disabilities – 8 million of whom have a diagnosis of intellectual and other developmental disabilities, with nearly 14 million requiring long-term supports and a service from DSPs. Nationally, there is a 50-77% turnover rate among DSPs. In an industry where the supports provided are intimate, including personal care, hygiene, and sometimes direct handling of another’s money, relationships of trust are vital. SPEAK helps ascertain what supports are necessary and then provides those that will help keep DSPs in the workforce. The heart and soul of SPEAK is to recruit, retain, and support DSP’s.

SPEAK Promotion Brochure 2014
February 21, 2014
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Support Providing Employees’ Association of Kentucky (SPEAK)

Support Providing Employees’ Association of Kentucky (SPEAK) is a professional association for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). Direct support professionals (DSPs) are people who work directly with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the aim of assisting the individual to live their life to its fullest.

How To Join SPEAK

Support Providing Employees’ Association of Kentucky (SPEAK) offers: pre-service orientations for partner agencies, training for mentoring of new hires, regularly scheduled in-service training, a regularly published newsletter and website supporting networking opportunities, and promoting DSP recognition and professionalism to its affiliate agency’s or individual members.

Membership/ Funding

SPEAK membership is composed of 14 community supports providers and more than 950 DSPs from Metro Louisville, Western Kentucky and continues to grow. SPEAK funding sources are from membership dues and the Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities of Kentucky.

Membership is open to DSPs who are not affiliated with a partner agency who is providing consumer directed options. For more information on SPEAK contact Jean Russell at 502-459-5292, or Niki Rodriguez at (502)459-5292, ext. 7323, .

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